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 Leecy's House

Fantasy Fulfiller

The story of Leecy's House

Leecy's Story

An Idea is Born

It was in January of 2015 when Leecy was getting married that she started searching for lingeries. As fun as lingerie shopping may sound, the fun came out of it when she was unable to find a lingerie that suited her, and no she was not a bridezilla. This huge problem has caused Leecy to start her business hoping that her experience is not duplicated

The Employee

As soon as the idea started forming my husband, Kenroy Wallace decieded to be my first and only employee and he has been with the company since September 2015.

1,000 Happy Customers

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Why Us?

We offer unique product. All our products are sold in limited quantities. This is intentionally done to have our customers always feeling unque. 

We also stand by our policy of always providing quality products.